Monday, February 21, 2011

All American Athletes Update

All American Athletes offers their 4th sport and their 1st winter sport!! All American Athletes teamed up with the Fort Mill YMCA to offer swimming to kids with special needs startin in January. They had 9 kids participate, each with their very own buddy to help them learn water safety and beginning swimming skills. The kids loved being in the warm water and learning how to blow bubbles, float on their backs, kick their feet, and just have fun in the pool!! A special thanks to the athletes, YMCA,
and volunteers that made this winter sport possible!!

All American Athletes is working on plans for another baseball season for this Spring 2011. Plans are also in the making for a possible music and movement class, horseback riding, and gymnastics for this Summer!! The program is continuing to grow and touch many families in the York County area!

Dalton Help Foundation is proud to sponsor this organization and offer this unique opportunity to kids and their families!!

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  1. My Lainey Bug has LOVED being a part of All American Athletes.....she especially loved the swimming! Thanks to all who help make it possible for our "special" angels to enjoy the same activities that all the other kids enjoy too! Thank you DHF!! Thank you Lesslie for your dedication to organizing things so wonderfully :)